Why a Total Basement Finishing System Installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo, and Nearby Works For You!

Finished Basement Room with Basement Bar and Game Area

Highlights of the TBF system:

  • It looks great!
  • Customized to fit any basement.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Green Basement Finishing.
  • Water/moisture proof.
  • Trained professional installers.
  • Warranties on products and services.

A Basement Finishing System That is Perfect for You and Your Home

The TBF basement finishers are all trained and knowledgeable in both basements and in the long line of Basement Systems products. This way you can be sure that the remodeling system you choose is of the highest design quality and installed by a certified professional.

As your local TBF dealer, Innovative Basement Systems can assist you in making the choice of which options you need, want installed, and can afford. Take your unused space and transform it today!

Making Your Basement Unique

Innovative Basement Systems knows that every basement is different. We can design, with your input, the perfect upgrade for your particular basement environment. With the systems versatility, you can turn your unused space into a workout center, a play room, or whatever you can imagine!

Each basement comes with its own set of subtleties and design challenges. The TBF system was designed to allow for these unexpected obstacles. The flexibility of the system allows for it to work around:

  • Support columns and beams
  • Staircases
  • Water heaters and furnace units
  • Low ceilings
  • Ductwork and pipes
  • Uneven masonry and stone walls
  • Windows, doors, and electrical wiring

Whether you use our system to redo your entire basement space as one room or use our free-standing wall units to section-off the space into sub-rooms or have one area partitioned off as a storage area, we can design a system that will work for you. Contact us right now and customize your finished basement plan with us for free.

The Re-Finished Product

Innovative Basement Systems can design and install a basement system that fits your ideas. With us, your basement can become an....

  • At-home office
  • Workout area
  • Wine cellar
  • Game room
  • Spare bedroom
  • Home entertainment room
  • Art studio
  • Trophy room
  • Band space with a stage
  • Wet bar

....or anything you can possibly imagine!

From Basement to Beautiful

Think of your basement as a blank piece of canvas. Innovative Basement Systems can help you plan out and "paint" a new picture, bringing your cellar dreams into reality! You can be the artist and do whatever you want to with a basement remodeling from us.


Timeless Design


Our drop ceiling tiles are versatile and can be used to accentuate any basement with any type of lighting fixtures; pulling it all together in the one space.

All styles of lighting work with our tiles; recessed, track, fluorescent, hanging, pendant, suspended or task. It all works!

Our wall panels are built to be sturdy and supportive. They can easily hold the weight of most mounted lighting fixtures giving you that added option in your basement lighting design and layout.

Our system wall panels come in two colors; beige and an off-white. These two choices will never be "out of style" and there's no worry about later upgrading.

The surface facing of the wall paneling is made out of a durable vinyl that is both tough and easy to clean.

Each wall panel covers existing  blemishes and damages made from nails, tacks, staples, or accidents.

We offer you a choice of eight different floor designs, all waterproof and ready for installation.

If you decide to not use our wood design, parquet flooring, or carpet covering, we offer a waterproof sub-floor covering for your own, personal, custom carpeting. 

For the perfect finishing touches, we provide you with a selection of crown moldings, floor and ceiling tiles, baseboard moldings, wall designs, windows and even staircases.

All the Total Basement Finishing products are designed and constructed for the basement environment. Resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, these products are going to look good and last a very, very long time. Call us or send an e-mail to us now to receive a free design quote!

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