Concrete Leveling & Lifting in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo, Minneapolis, St. Paul & Nearby

Lifting your concrete slab with the effective method of PolyLevel®

See for yourself why PolyLevel works.

PolyLevel is a safer, less destructive and more effective concrete lifting alternative to mud jacking. It has the ability to lift your sunken concrete slab, returning it to a level position that is able to be used safely. 

Concrete slabs naturally start to sink over time, causing the surface to become uneven and cracked. PolyLevel is a two part injection foam that can be pumped underneath the slab to lift it. It can fix numerous things, including cracked driveways, sloped patios and stoops, and uneven walkways and sidewalks.

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Common concrete slab problems

  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Concrete driveways and patios sinking or tilting down
  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs

Before and Afters - Which sidewalk would you prefer to walk on?
  • Garage apron lifted in Hastings, MN
    Garage apron lifted in Hastings, MN

    After this concrete slad settled over 4 inches the home owner was very pleased to see it return to the way it was when it was first poured.

  • Driveway slab lifted in Hastings, MN
    Driveway slab lifted in Hastings, MN

    Over time the slab settled in front of the garage creating a trip hazard and making it hard to park a car inside.  Now that slab is lifted its smooth sailing into the garage again.

  • Sunken Slab Lifted in St. Paul
    Sunken Slab Lifted in St. Paul

    This customers slab was sinking and separating from their stairway entrance. Innovative's team used Polylevel.

  • Slab Sinking and Separating from the House in St. Paul
    Slab Sinking and Separating from the House in St. Paul

    The slab in front of this door was sinking and separating from the house. This made a tripping hazard and a place for water to build up and freeze every winter, causing even more hazards. Innovative came in and used PolyLevel to lift the slab back into place. 

  • Sidewalk leveled in St. Paul, MN
    Sidewalk leveled in St. Paul, MN

    This sidewalk was tranformed into a safe walking path once again using PolyLEVEL.

  • Slab lifting in Arden Hills, MN
    Slab lifting in Arden Hills, MN

    Slab lifted in Arden Hills back to level.

  • PolyLevel Injection in Burnsville, MN
    PolyLevel Injection in Burnsville, MN

    Homeowners in Burnsville, MN were experiencing tripping hazards due to the sinking staircase leading to their front door. They contacted Innovative to discuss their options and PolyLevel injection was agreed upon. After the injection, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the tripping hazards. 

  • Concrete Lifting in Minneapolis
    Concrete Lifting in Minneapolis

    Homeowners in MN had pooling water in their driveway due to sunken concrete slabs. They soon contacted Innovative and learned about PolyLevel Injection. They agreed that was the best choice and the team was soon there to begin the injection. The home now has a flat driveway surface once again. Water no longer pools and the homeowners are happy with their improved driveway! 

  • Robbinsdale, MN PolyLevel
    Robbinsdale, MN PolyLevel

    With numerous tripping hazards in their concrete walk way, homeowners in Robbinsdale, MN knew they needed to fix it. The Innovative TEAM injected PolyLevel to raise the concrete and there are no longer hazards. 

Sinking concrete can cause numerous problems to homeowners in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other cities in Minnesota and North Dakota. It is not only a damper to your home's aesthetics, but it poses a safety threat to your family and guests.

  • It can cause a tripping hazard for visitors and your family
  • If you are preparing your home for sale, it can ruin the first impression and hurt the value
  • Sunken concrete can ruin the overall appeal of your home and yard

Raising your concrete is now easier and more efficient than ever!

Technician lifting sidewalk in Minneapolis with PolyLevel

PolyLevel® is a fast & affordable concrete lifting method to raise sinking concrete. This simple foam injection can stabilize your concrete slab for years to come!

We can easily fix your concrete slab issues so you no longer have to stress or worry that it will get worse. Tending to sinking concrete right away will eliminate the problems mentioned throughout this page.

Mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising, grout pumping and slab leveling) has been widely known as the primary method for leveling a concrete slab that has settled. Mudjacking involves pumping concrete slurry under the damaged slab to raise it back to a level position.

Innovative Basement Systems uses PolyLevel® concrete leveling to lift settled concrete as a superior alternative to traditional mud jacking methods.

Learn more about how PolyLevel works to lift a sinking concrete and take a look at before and after photos of our PolyLevel jobs.

We would be happy to provide you a free estimate for concrete lifting in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo, Bismarck, Saint Cloud, Eden Prairie, Grand Forks, Minot, Anoka, Andover and nearby.


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