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Ask a Realtor

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 by Rebecca Larson

As a homeowner it's normal to think about ways to improve the investment on your home. The first thing my husband and I did when we moved into our first home was to improve our curb appeal. We had a 60-foot pine tree in our front yard that was leaning toward our home. It made us very nervous every time there was a storm. So, removing the hazard was our first priority.

Looking back, we both realize that we should've planned a little more and thought it all the way through. We didn't think about all the small rocks that were under the tree to help with water drainage around the foundation. Big mistake. The tree came down and out came the shovels and wheel barrows. I can't tell you the number of hours we spent that summer day, just the two of us, removing the rock. It was exhausting. We swore we would NEVER put rock down ever again.

Not only did we remove the tree and the rock, we also removed the plastic that was underneath the rock that led all the way to the foundation wall.  Yep, we pulled that out too.  (Please keep in mind while reading this that this was well before I worked for Innovative.)  Little did we know, at the time, that we were causing a bigger problem in our basement.  The very next spring we had water in our basement.  It also didn’t help that our sump pump wasn’t working.  We didn’t know.  It was our first home.  Now we make sure every spring to check it before the snow really starts to melt.

What I’m trying to say is everyone makes mistakes and learns from them.  I’ve even been in your shoes.  Once you figure it out it makes life with your basement less stressful.  Now that my husband and I have accomplished our goal of a dry basement it’s time to finish it.  We just want to make sure that we make the correct choices to increase the value of our home.

I talked to Melissa Mozley with Park Company Realtors and asked her what kind of return on investment we could expect for this basement we’ve put so much energy into.

Q:  My basement is unfinished but I’m thinking about finishing it.  What kind of monetary value will I be adding to my home by completely finishing the basement?

A:   It depends! It is difficult to pin-point the monetary value of a finished basement as it based off of several factors. Generally, by finishing your basement with a professional you will almost always increase the value of your home because you are adding livable space. However, the value amount is determined by the square footage and style of the home and the finishing should always meet or exceed the quality of the other level’s finishes.

Now that I understand what she said we are going to be smart about this project.  We are going to call in the professionals – Innovative Basement Systems!

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