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Case Studies

Case Studies

Severely Damaged Basement in Hugo, MN
Homeowners in Hugo, MN were experiencing severe basement damage. They were noticing large cracks in their foundation walls and water on their floor. After some time had passed,...
Two Crawlspaces Are Encapsulated in Minneapolis, MN
Having a crawl space can be valuable to homeowners. When a crawl space isn't encapsulated it can be harmful to your home and those who inhabit it, as well to your electrical...
Bowing Walls and Water Problems in North Dakota
The homeowner had water coming in through walls and on floor, walls are bowing bad and wanted to fix permanently.  Customer would like to finish walls again and wanted...
Push Piers Installed in New Hope, MN
A home in New Hope, MN had major shifting for years but was becoming worse after cracks began to show and doors and windows were sticking. After meeting with a system design...
Pool Deck Repair with PolyLevel & NexusPro Joint Sealant in Coon Rapids, MN
Homeowner reached out to Innovative Basement Systems after receiving several bids for pool deck repair.  He had visible cracks and knew there were several voids under...
Replacing a Plymouth Homeowner's Sump Pump
The homeowner called Innovative Basement Systems  after discovering their basement began to flood. They used their basement as a storage area and did not want their belongings...
Lifting concrete sidewalk in Plymouth, MN
Innovative Basement Systems was called to a home in Plymouth, MN for a sinking slab issue.  The homeowner stated that the leaves, rain and ice would collect and the landing...
Easton, MN Homeowners Choose Innovative Twice
With water problems in their basement and foundation damage, homeowners in Easton, MN knew they had to repair their home. With the house on the market, selling it was becoming...
Foundation Settling...Pine City, MN
A homeowner in Pine City, Minnesota called Innovative Basement Systems with a foundation problem. Upon inspection by one of Innovative’s experienced specialists, it...
CleanSpace and PowerBraces Installed in Sandstone, MN
A church in Sandstone, MN was dealing with settlement issues and water coming in through the walls and floor. After meeting with System Design Specialist, Eric Rysdam, he...
Bowing Wall in Brook Park, MN
Homeowners in Brook Park, MN had noticed their wall was bowing but didn't know the extent of the damage it was causing to their home. After noticing the inward bow from their...
Residential Basement Waterproofing in Isanti, MN
Not having an efffective sump pump to keep their basement dry and free from mold was beginning to weigh on the minds of retired homeowners in Isanti, MN. A substantial amount...
Foundation repaired in Anoka, MN
After noticing large cracks had formed in their foundation walls, homeowners in Anoka, MN knew something had to be done. 50+ years ago, the home had an addition built on....
Bowing Wall Fixed in Saint Francis, MN
When homeowners in Saint Francis, MN saw their walls beginning to bow about a year ago, they knew they would have to get them repaired in the future. After just one year of...
Attic Insulation in Delano, MN
Homeowners in Delano, MN they were in need of new attic insulation. With the previous insulation not working effectively, they were being forced to pay extremely high energy...
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