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Innovative Basement Systems Case Studies: Bowing Wall Fixed in Saint Francis, MN

Thursday, October 6th, 2016 by Danielle Wesbur


When homeowners in Saint Francis, MN saw their walls beginning to bow about a year ago, they knew they would have to get them repaired in the future. After just one year of noticing the first signs of the foundation damage, the severity of the damage increased tremendously. Due to the amount of damage growing quickly, the homeowners knew they would have to fix the problem sooner than planned. Also, after a years time had passed, the homeowners decided they would be putting the house on the market and they would be moving as soon as it sells. After being advised to fix the foundation issues before selling the home to assure a successful selling process of the home, the homeowners decided to contact Innovative for help in repairing their home. 


After explaining their situation to the Innovative TEAM, a system design specialist visited the home to do further evaluations. After seeing the foundation damage, Chad proposed a solution to permanently stabilize the home. Plus, after the home's foundation gets stabilized, the home will be much easier to sell. After hearing their options, the homeowners decided to fix their home with the PowerBraces system. The TEAM then installed ten PowerBraces around the basement walls. Now, even the most severely bowed part of the walls are stabilized and will not continue to worsen. 

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Product: PowerBrace

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