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Spring Drought Causing Houses to Settle

The drought that has settled on North Dakota and Minnesota this spring has left its trail of damage and destruction to residential homes. These problems can lead to serious problems that can adversely affect a home's safety, structural integrity, and property value. Innovative Basement Systems has received a large number of calls from homeowners who are experience foundation problems due to drought.

Fargo, ND - May 4, 2015

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The drought that's settled on North Dakota and Minnesota this spring has left its trail of damage and destruction. Ranging from “Severe” to “Exceptional” as rated by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), drought conditions are unavoidable.

Most of the effects of the lack of water can be seen with the naked eye, but what’s going on under the earth’s surface can be just as damaging. At Innovative Basement Systems, we have received an elevated number of calls from homeowners who are experiencing foundation settlement.

When soil gets as dry as it has been, it shrinks and pulls away from foundations and creates voids around the house. When these voids exist for an extended amount of time, the home’s foundations settle, leaving the house with cracks in the foundation, unlevel floors, windows and doors that are tough to open, drywall cracks and other aesthetic eyesores. These symptoms can plague any home or building regardless of age, size or structure. Homeowners are left concerned with safety, structural integrity and property value of their home.

By installing a push pier system, the foundation is stabilized and often raises back to level. Often times resulting in closing foundation and drywall cracks, leveling floors, and making doors and windows fully operation again. The piers are driven to bedrock or a load bearing strata resulting in the home being supported by the piers and not the problem soil.

For more information on foundation problems, how the drought has affected foundations, and foundation repair in Minnesota and North Dakota, contact:

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About the author
Jim Laven lives in the Pine City area and serves as the Marketing Director at Innovative. He enjoys working on all divisions of Innovative which includes the Innovative Basement Systems, Innovative Foundation Supportworks and Dr. Energy Saver by Innovative.

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