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Mae and Bill K. from Lino Lakes, MN had a terrible black mold problem in their home's basement, to the point where they could actually see the black mold stains growing on the walls.  To add insult to injury, the smell coming from the mold infested basement was also very pronounced. The insulation material that was used on the basement walls only added to the problem. They had other contractors come in and give their options, but none of the solutions presented made sense to the couple. Then one day, Mae saw one of Innovative Basement Systems truck drive by, and called for an appointment. Prior to the scheduled appointment, they received a free copy of Dry Basement Science, a book written by Larry Janesky which explains the causes of basement problems and evaluates all the available solutions. During the first visit, the system design specialist thoroughly inspected the property and helped them chose the configuration that would help them accomplish all the goals they had for the basement."Once the project was done and the SaniDry system was placed in our home, literally, in two days the odor was gone! When they told us about the sump pump system I thought 'oh we're gonna hear that thing go on and off, and on and off ' . Nothing. There is no sound. It is absolutely quiet." -- says Mae "You don't have to worry about a wet basement, you can finish it off, put carpet down and you know it's gonna drain it out for you." --adds Bill."What we were really impressed with is how they came in and paid so much attention to us as a homeowner, I mean, we were amazed.And how quickly they did it! It was like two days and the whole basement was done!"
Bill and Mae K. of Lino Lakes, MN
Wednesday, June 17th
The basement in Tom V.'s home had serious mold problems. Something they realized soon after they moved in.  The mold was affecting his wife's health, and over the years they called several companies to have the problem solved. All of them proposed different solutions, from digging the out the foundation and installing new french drains or a sealer, but none of them made any sense to Tom. None of them seemed to have a proposal that would effectively address the mold that was causing so many health concerns for the couple. When Tom saw a newspaper ad for Innovative Basement Systems, he decided to give us a call. Before the system design consultant arrived for their scheduled appointment, Tom received an informative package in the mail, which contained a free book "Dry Basement Science", by Larry Janesky. The book thoroughly explained the causes of all the basement problems he was experiencing, and the different available solutions. "Reading through I understood why, in my gut, I didn't feel that some of the other solutions were making sense." The system design specialist was then very thorough with the inspection and after evaluating all his options, Tom chose a the approach he knew would get rid of mold in his basement once and for all. "I felt it was the first time someone understood or addressed the health concern issue. That was the fundamental issue for us." Tom's basement is now dry and mold free, and the SaniDry dehumidifier will keep it that way, by effectively monitoring and controlling relative humidity levels year-round, so mold will never have a chance to grow back.
Tom V. of Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, June 2nd
This Thompson, ND customer has a leaky and very humid basement that was virtually unusable. Her son, worried about the situation convinced her to call Innovative Basement Systems to solve the problem.  In this video she speaks about her satisfaction with the quality of the customer care she received and with the results after the basement was fixed with a full perimeter WaterGuard drainage system, a powerful sump pump system, and a SaniDry XP dehumidifier, which keeps the humidity down and the air much cleaner, free of allergens and odors. "Once everything was done and I saw the outcome, it was all worth it!"
Customer of Thompson, ND
My basement is now FRESH & CLEAN!  It is a pleasure to be down there now.
Debra H. of Saint Paul, MN
Monday, July 7th
Keith, JT & entire work crew who came to my home, everyone was very professional & very nice. I cant thank your company enough. My basement is what I expected - stairs were an added bonus. Thank you for your courtesy. 
Barbara K. of St. Paul, MN
Wednesday, September 28th
I was very impressed with the team that came to my house. From the initial consultation, installation, completion & clean up. The entire team was amazing and professional. Left the job cleaner than when they came.
Paulette C. of White Bear Lake, MN
Monday, June 6th
Outstanding job lifting our concrete slab!
Pat O. of White Bear Lake, MN
Thursday, July 31st
We used both CarbonArmor and PowerBraces to support our basement walls and are very happy with the results.
Joe & Mary N. of Arden Hills, MN
Monday, May 5th
Testimonial Photo by Richard O.
The communication in scheduling kept us in the loop for our foundation repair project. Thanks so much!
Richard O. of Forest Lake , MN
Tuesday, July 8th
Great job!  The wall straightening is working.
Dianne L. of Bloomington, MN
Thursday, August 22nd
The production team did an amazing job of installing PolyLevel for my sidewalk. It's great to not have to worry anymore about friends, family, & neighbors tripping as they're walking up to my door. Innovative did the best job! 
Paul D. of Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, May 2nd
Our Specialist made things clear to us and appreciated his input and expertise.
Jason C. of Columbia Heights, MN
Friday, May 2nd
This is my second egress window with your company, and I was excited to see your truck pull up to install it. Had I known your company also did waterproofing, I would have had Innovative take care of that also. I felt very confident with Innovative Basement Systems.
Joanne M. of Golden Valley, MN
Monday, July 2nd
Innovative was very thorough and explained things to me as they were moving along.  The project took approximately 7 hours.  One day turn around was ideal for us.
Bruce M. of Spring Lake Park, MN
Our crawl space can now be used for extra storage and I don't have to worry about them getting ruined.
Karen J. of Brooklyn Park, MN
Tuesday, January 20th
The guys were very nice, they explained everything, they were very personable, and they did a great job that was difficult.
Jim S. of Duluth, MN
Wednesday, June 14th
The overall experience was exceptional. We thought the installers were very polite, professional, and thorough.  The yard was left in excellent condition. We liked the detail and explanation we were given regarding your windows prior to installation.
Jeff H. of Duluth, MN
Monday, July 23rd
For many years we ran the typical store bought air purifiers and dehumidifiers in our basement.  After having the SaniDry unit running for a month, we now realize the money spent on the other units was a waste. The air quality is now clean and comfortable, not just in our basement but in our entire home. I can’t believe the change of air quality in our home since we installed our SaniDry unit. 
Pete S. of Pine City, MN
Wednesday, July 11th
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