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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies

Replacing a Plymouth Homeowner's Sump Pump
The homeowner called Innovative Basement Systems  after discovering their basement began to flood. They used their basement as a storage area and did not want their belongings...
Easton, MN Homeowners Choose Innovative Twice
With water problems in their basement and foundation damage, homeowners in Easton, MN knew they had to repair their home. With the house on the market, selling it was becoming...
CleanSpace and PowerBraces Installed in Sandstone, MN
A church in Sandstone, MN was dealing with settlement issues and water coming in through the walls and floor. After meeting with System Design Specialist, Eric Rysdam, he...
Residential Basement Waterproofing in Isanti, MN
Not having an efffective sump pump to keep their basement dry and free from mold was beginning to weigh on the minds of retired homeowners in Isanti, MN. A substantial amount...
Flooded basement leads to black mold in Starbuck, MN
After many years of dealing with water coming into their basement this homeowner finally had enough.  Besides the damage created to the once finished living area the...
Basement Waterproofing...Pelican Rapids, MN
A Pelican Rapids, MN homeowner called Innovative when they experienced water issues in their home’s basement. When it was wet outside, water seeped in through the foundation...
Lake Home Combating Fluctuating Lake Levels
A full perimeter waterproofing system was installed February 2014, but it was not able to keep the basement dry.  The sumps ran constantly to try and keep up with the...
A Dry, Finished Basement...Alice, ND
The owner of this home had some serious concerns about the problems in his basement, as well as some specific requirements for how to solve them. First, because the homeowner...
Basement Waterproofing in Grand Forks, ND
Having a finished basement, where the family plays pool and hangs out on a regular basis; experiences water in both the family room and sump room.  The sump pump runs...
Basement Water Problems in Carrington
The homeowner of this Carrington, Nd called Innovative Basement Systems because they needed extra storage space because of a growing family. The basement had 1/2” to...
A Stable, Dry, Finished Basement...Devils Lake, ND
When the owners of this home decided to call Innovative Basement Systems, they had concerns about several problems in their home, all of which Innovative could help with....
Crawl Space Humidity Problem Solved...Bismarck, ND
The homeowner contacted Innovative Basement Systems due to elevated humidity issues in their home. The humidity was causing serious condensation issues in the attic, which...
ThermalDry Flooring Installed in Bismarck, ND
Darrell S. from Bismarck, ND had was dealing with years of water issues before he gave Innovative Basement Systems a call. Even though there was drain tile installed as well...
A wet wood basement in Elgin, ND fixed
The homeown had a wood foundation, and the stud cavities were filling with water.  She had only owned the home for a few months and there had been water on the floor...
Waterproofing and Basement Finishing in Souris, North Dakota
The concrete floor in this basement was deteriorated and uneven.  Some portions had to be replaced. The farm home had experienced minor leakage in the past, nothing...
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