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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Tom V. in Minneapolis, MN

The basement in Tom V.'s home had serious mold problems. Something they realized soon after they moved in. 

The mold was affecting his wife's health, and over the years they called several companies to have the problem solved. All of them proposed different solutions, from digging the out the foundation and installing new french drains or a sealer, but none of them made any sense to Tom. None of them seemed to have a proposal that would effectively address the mold that was causing so many health concerns for the couple. When Tom saw a newspaper ad for Innovative Basement Systems, he decided to give us a call.

Before the system design consultant arrived for their scheduled appointment, Tom received an informative package in the mail, which contained a free book "Dry Basement Science", by Larry Janesky. The book thoroughly explained the causes of all the basement problems he was experiencing, and the different available solutions. "Reading through I understood why, in my gut, I didn't feel that some of the other solutions were making sense."

The system design specialist was then very thorough with the inspection and after evaluating all his options, Tom chose a the approach he knew would get rid of mold in his basement once and for all.

"I felt it was the first time someone understood or addressed the health concern issue. That was the fundamental issue for us." Tom's basement is now dry and mold free, and the SaniDry dehumidifier will keep it that way, by effectively monitoring and controlling relative humidity levels year-round, so mold will never have a chance to grow back.

- Tom V. of Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, June 2nd

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