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Mold Problems Case Studies: A Mold Problem Solved...Mandan, ND

Friday, March 8th, 2013 by Betsy Rathburn


A Mandan, North Dakota homeowner contacted Innovative Basement Systems due to continued moisture and mold issues underneath their basement flooring. Their flooring installers have had to pull up the flooring three separate times in attempts to correct the issue, but every attempt had been unsuccessful. In desperate need of a solution, the homeowner contacted Innovative Basement Systems. After a thorough inspection, the specialist was unable to locate any source of moisture entry into the home. The specialist then checked the relative humidity in the basement, which was 91%. During winter months a relative humidity of 91% in a basement is abnormally high; the specialist asked the homeowner if their furnace had a built in humidifier, which it did. Upon checking the humidifier, it was discovered that it was set to its maximum setting. The humidifier was turned off, and a follow-up appointment set for the following week. 


When returning a week after the humidifier was turned off, the humidity level in the basement was back to a healthy 32%. With their moisture issues solved, the homeowners were still left to deal with the mold which had flourished underneath the basement flooring with the humidity level being as high as it was. The specialist recommended that the concrete be treated with a Basement Systems solution called Mold-X. Stronger strains of mold and bacteria attach themselves to surfaces called biofilms, which are like a lifeline for mold and bacteria.. When an organism is within the biofilm, it is extremely difficult to reach and eradicate. Mold-X, however, is able to eradicate the biofilm, which it did with success for this homeowner.

The specialist personally returned the following week and completed the application of Mold-X, allowing the homeowners to have their basement flooring reinstalled with the confidence of knowing it will no longer be a concern and a health hazard. The homeowners were incredibly grateful that their basement issues, which had puzzled so many for so long, were now over. 

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